You are not allowed a Static IP

I write this because yesterday I shopped around for a new ISP. It is not that my ISP is bad, in fact I think my ISP is by far the best ISP I have ever experienced… and I’ve been through a lot of ISP. I’ve tried Cable, aDSL, Dial-Up and even a high tech Micro Wave Radio.

What I did observe, is that the large ISP are swallowing up the smaller ISP and they ONLY offer DHCP. They will not sell you a Static IP Address for love nor money.

They reason that you should never ever need a Fixed IP Address because some how it is “naughty”.  They imply that you are some kind of pirate, or some other kind of internet lowlife. Of course this is utter bollocks, as the last thing a scum bag wants is a Fixed IP Address. The internet lowlifes want DHCP IP so they can reset the Router and or MAC to get a fresh IP to avoid the black lists they are rightly added to, and the bans they get in forums, and so on….

No the ISP have a Dark Agenda for enforcing DHCP.

It has been suggested that they are enforcing DHCP because of the shortage of IPv4 Address Space. Yet, if this was the case, how come they set there end to “Sticky” the users IP, and set the lease time for the DHCP address typically at a Whole Week. That is not the strategy of an ISP desperately short of IP Addresses.

No the Big ISP have a different Dark Agenda

It was also suggested, that if a customer ran a server at home that they would use monster amounts of bandwidth. Again, if that notion does not with stand examination. I say that, because the other pattern is that the Big ISP are all advertising that they offer Real UnLimited Bandwidth.

I have another argument as to why it has nothing to do with bandwidth. Lets compare too typical users, the first runs a server, has a Fixed IP Address and runs Apache to dish out a small website.  Web pages do not consume that much bandwidth, and having a Fixed IP the user is hardly likely to suddenly start heavily running torrents. The second user is a typical modern household with a couple of teenagers, one young and male, so when he is not online gaming he is downloading porn, and when he is not doing that he is downloading torrents, and if he has nothing else to do he would stream TV.

So why are they enforcing DHCP IP Addresses ?

Because it is part of the incremental plan to roll out the next version of the internet. The next version of the internet will be phenomenally much faster than the current perception of “Broadband”. It will be the jucey fat carrot that will persuade the vast majority to put up and shut up.

Sounds good so far ?

Why complain ?

What is the big deal about Fixed IP Addresses ?

I’ll tell you why… It even has a name, and it is called Internet 2. It will be different to the current internet because it will not be a free internet. Those that make the internet really worthwhile while, and annoy governments and powerful corporations will not be allowed on Internet2.

Internet2 will be controlled by the corporations, you will not be able to setup your own email server, your email will be routed through Big Brothers All Seeing Eye. You will not be able to publish anything of real importance or annoyance to The Powers That Be, you will get an account suspended notice, if you could open your email after your ISP has booted you off the Internet.

The sinister side, is that its an incremental step towards Internet2 – which is partly about restricting who can run a server,and who can run a website. At present, anyone can setup a private chat server, email server, website(s) so long as they have an adequate broadband connection.

A lot of people imagine, that if the corps started enforcing censorship that it would never work because the site owners could simply move to another server. Well, this is where the DHCP versus Static IP really kicks into play. Along with emphasis that it is an incremental plan, with lots of small steps towards the nefarious end game.

They also assume that even if they was blacklisted, they could setup at home, and they could seed the vital info so it could organically spread across the internet. They think they can do this by using a Dynamic DNS Service, but in the small print of these Big ISP that are outlawing independent servers, are the clauses forbidding anyone running a server. They will tell you that is because it is just for “business users”. That sounds reasonable, until you contact them and ask to be upgraded to a Business Account and ask for the Static IP, then you find out they still wont let you have one – unless your going to buy something like a T1 connection… In other words only the corporations are allowed to run servers.

See, they are slowly restricting where you can host a website. It might look like there are a zillion different hosting companies, but in reality there are inside just a few large server farm data centres. These data centres are a choke point, that can easily be controlled.

When they are ready, they will start enforcing their censorship with a vengeance. At that point, every time you try and setup with yet another hosting company, you will find you have been black listed. Because the reality is that these alternative hosting are in fact resellers inside a few large data centres owned by attendees of Bilderberg and Bohemian Grove.

You will not be able to torrent movies that your government has censored and banned, because they upset the mega elite.

I know you think that there will be workarounds, and it will even appear that some of the dissidents will still be able to publish on the internet. No doubt the Nazi websites, who have been setup and infiltrated by the secret services will still be online. Also the left wing judas goat sellouts will be able to market themselves on the internet, because they sold out to the security services as agents a long time ago. Yup, the false opposition will still be on the internet for the forseeable future…

But the real dissidents, whistleblowers, and internet heroes will be silently kicked off the Internet2.

Now go and subscribe to your mega warp speed broadband, even if it does only come with DHCP…

Just consider this…

Many people reading this will reason, that they never ever will be a dissident or a whistleblower, and the loss of Free Speech was inevitable, and not really going to effect them. Trouble is they fail to realise that Free Speech is not a right to be protected for those who wish to speak out, it is a right that needs protecting to protect the reader.. And that is you.


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